You're Invited...

A new town, a new job, a new girlfriend, a new start.

Jamie’s new girlfriend invites his Facebook friends to a secret surprise 30th birthday party for him. What happens when the faces of your past and present come together in one room?

Time to find out.


A play about identity, secrets and the number of faces we juggle.

You're Invited... will be on at Southwark Playhouse on 15th October. A night of characters created by different writers, and pieced together by Directors Cut Theatre Company. We are looking for writers to create those characters at Jame's party!

You're invited... is a uniquely constructed event where the artistic team at Director's Cut piece together different writers short plays to form a play that has an arch and takes the audience on a journey.


Please read the premise, writers brief and 'Jamie's background' carefully before sending in your submission.

You're invited... is a unique constructed event where the artistic team at Director's Cut piece together different writers short plays to form a play that has a arch and takes the audience on a journey.


  • The play is set before the party starts, while everyone arrives and waits for Jamie to arrive.
  • The play is set in a Village Hall in Brighton.
  • The play is set between 7pm and 9pm, on Sunday 15th October, before Jamie and Melissa arrive.
  • Jamie's new girlfriend Melissa has taken him to dinner, he has no idea there is a surprise party waiting for him.
  • All of the people at the party have been invited via Facebook. Melissa and Jamie have only been dating 4 months, she wasn't sure who to invite, so just invited everyone on his Facebook friend list.  Not everyone will come, but some will, and we want to know why... 

Important to note: The audience will never meet Jamie or Melissa, so please don't include their characters in your submission.

Writers Brief

We are looking for:

  • 5-7 minute monologues, duologues, or short plays of up to 4 characters maximum.
  • A mixture of comedy and drama (including some dark pieces). 
  • If you choose a monologue, these can be internal monologues (the characters inner thoughts at the party) or speaking to someone else at the party.
  • We are looking for writers to create a character from Jamie's past or present. 
  • How do these characters know Jamie? Why are they there? What do they know about him? 
  • We would like each character to have shared a secret with Jamie or witnessed something no one else knows about Jamie.
  • We are interested in the idea that identity is in the eye of the beholder, and that we become different people depending on who we are with.  So how do these characters feel about Jamie? How do they see him?
  • We ask writers to think outside of the box.
  • Please ensure you have read the 'Setting' above and 'Jamie's Background' below.

Jamie's Background

We never know everything about anyone...so here is what we will tell you, the rest, we will leave up to you to tell us...

  • Jamie is turning 30 on the day of the party
  • He was brought up in Manchester, has an older brother called Luke who is 34.  His mother is called Debra and she is a retired librarian, his father Michael is a retired engineer.
  • Growing up Jamie's next door neighbour and best friend Kate, went missing at 10 years old, and has never been found.
  • Jamie went to University in Durham where he studied a maths degree and got his teaching qualification.
  • He went travelling for a year with no set plan, and didn't contact home much during this period.
  • He got married at 24 to a girl called Sarah. By 26 they were divorced. They were quite secretive about why they broke up, the couple said it was an amicable decision but their friends and family suspected there was more to it.
  • Jamie's best friend from school Ben, moved to New Zealand 4 years ago, he hasn't seen him since he moved away.
  • He got his first teaching job in a secondary school in Manchester.
  • Jamie used to play football locally in Manchester and Durham, but would often miss sessions.
  • He now lives in Brighton, he moved there 6 months ago, has a new job in a school, and a new girlfriend, Melissa, a wedding planner, who he met by swiping right.  Him and Melissa have been dating for 4 months.
  • He plays guitar in a band in Brighton, the group met one night at an open mic night.
  • Jamie volunteers at a homeless shelter in Brighton.

It is fine for writers to create the voices of characters mentioned in 'Jamie's background' above (except him or Melissa as they won't feature in the play) or to create completely new characters.

We would like some of the background information to be included in submissions (depending on which area of Jamie's life the character is from) so that we can build Jamie's story for the audience.  However it is not essential, as it depends on the context in which the character knows (or doesn't know) Jamie.

Deadline: Applications will be read as they come in.  Please send through to scripts@directorscuttheatre.co.uk by midnight Thursday 28th September.

The showcase is on Sunday 15th October at Southwark Playhouse.

More info and tickets: The Directors Club Showcase


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