words of encouragement

Writers from the writers club spreading words of encouragement. Words of encouragement will stay on this page for one week.  Each Monday we will release our writers responses to a different word or phrase.


After many days of meditation, a pupil approached the Zen Master.
'What must we do, oh Wise One, when the path of life becomes too steep to climb?'
'Then, my son, you shall find strong ropes to aid your ascent,' came the reply.
'But what if our courage still fails us?'
'Trust that there will always be footholds for those who seek the higher way.'
The young man paused a while to consider his words.
'Alternatively,' he spoke at last, 'What about we go down the pub?'
'Good idea,' replied the guru. 'Last one there gets the drinks in.'

by Jayne Woodhouse



Encouragement eschews success

Rather seeking those

Bruised by refusal

Dejected by rejection

Flattened by failure

Then oh so slowly

With an ant's patience

Sweetly supportive words

Lift us up

Raising our spirits

Like a statue made of sand


It's woohoo yay wahay

We're ready to face the day

Until a familiar stab of pain

When the email arrives to say

Although we very much liked your play....

Then it's please I need those words again.


by Pete Talman