Our process

Much can be learnt from theatre practitioners of the past, Director's Cut encourages theatre makers and practitioners of the future to workshop and develop new techniques, theories and ways of making theatre.  

Below are the techniques created by Artistic Director Heather Ward, that are currently in practice.


(The Collective Umbrella Technique)

Director's Cut places the director at the heart of the creative process. They are the driving force behind a process unlike any other.  Providing inspiration and allowing creative freedom, we create a play by working in an innovative and collaborative way with not one writer, but a team of credible writers. The writers are the visionary voice of their characters, placed within a world and circumstances set by the director.  Their mission: to make the Director's Cut.  A collaborative and playful experiment, this unique process is named The Collective Umbrella Technique; The CUT.

The variety of writing styles results in a diverse range of characters, reflecting different voices, brought to life by different minds. Just as in reality.

Under the umbrella of Director's Cut, each play starts with an idea that the company/director initiates. The idea is then developed by a team of talented new writers, who are each assigned to be the voice of different characters. The characters are to respond to the environment they are in and a series of events into which they are placed, through an experimental and innovative development process.  The material is then edited by the director into a desired structure.

This unique technique allows playwrights to write alone, owning their voice, but also as part of a collective.  It is a forward-thinking, exciting and collaborative journey where writers can flourish and be guided towards a path that meets the directors vision.  Their work is carefully nurtured and selected to make the Director's Cut.

PHIZ technique

PHIZ technique is a physical, organic, improvised way of story-telling.  

PHIZ means a persons expression - which is core to this method of story-telling, as there are no words.

Specific details are provided by random audience members at the start of the show and used as inspiration, then a story is brought to life by a company of actors who have developed a 'language' of communication on stage without words.  This 'language' is what is practiced, and involves an emotional and rhythmic response to music, and each other, through repeated movement. Everything is improvised including the sound and lighting designer, who all work together as the story develops in front of the audiences eyes.

No story or performance will ever be the same or be possible to re-create.

This process is currently being developed through a series of experimental workshops with Heather Ward and members of The Actors Club.


Ever shared a fleeting moment, a magical moment, with stranger, or witnessed one, that has taken you out of your bubble, made your smile, changed your outlook or even changed your life? 

Secret Strangers is an innovative theatrical experience involving actors who are secretly spreading joy, and a bit of magic, to a secret audience and unknowing members of the public.  It is an experience unlike any other, where the audience are taken on a journey, moving from location to location, witnessing rein-actions of 'real' magical moments that have been anonymously provided to us.  Members of the public will never know that these are rein-actions, they will think they are witnessing real moments. The audience will not know who are actors and who are members of the public or who are other audience members. They will also never know whether they are watching something being rein-acted or a member of the public responding in the moment.  

It is an unpredictable, stimulating, spontaneous, secret, series of moments; an observation and experience of human behaviour, at its best, creating, generating unforgettable memories.

Locations and the route is top secret and provided on the day of the show.

Magic. Because what is life without those moments.