director's cut digs

If you are an artist and are a part of our artistic community based in London or our International Artist Community, then we offer a connection scheme called Director's Cut Digs.

The artist's lifestyle means it can be difficult to afford to travel and this can limit our potential of taking our art to other countries or travelling to other countries for artistic inspiration. This is where we would like to help artists in helping each other.  If one of our artists is travelling somewhere we put a call out to our community to see if there is anyone who can help or knows someone who can.  

We also run a swap system, where artists are able to offer and swap their home/room with another artist in the community for an agreed period of time if they would like to.

Director's Cut Digs was inspired by and born following Artistic Director Heather Ward's interaction with a friend, who shared that her mother opens their home to artists all year round. 'This is my contribution to the arts' she says.

Let's contribute and help each other, to spread, share and enable art and artists around the world.